You Should Know 6 Things for Choosing Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring was first introduced in 1970, and it consists of synthetic material layers, and it looks like stone or wood. However, laminate flooring is affordable, and it offers high durability, and for this reason, it is becoming a popular choice. Moreover, the appearance and quality of laminate flooring are improving every day, and it is the best among the available options. However, you should know the following six things for choosing laminate flooring.

1. Laminate Flooring is Cheap

Wood flooring is expensive than laminate flooring, and you can get laminate flooring at half the price of wood. Moreover, you will get plenty of varying quality of it. Some look realistic, while some are less substantial at different layers of thickness. However, laminate offers you high-quality service, and it is much more affordable within your budget.

2. You Can’t Refinish It

Laminate flooring has substantial technological advancements, but still, it is getting the look gradually from the image layer. As it is solely getting its image layer looks thus when it starts worn, you can’t refinish it. However, laminate would be a good choice in the short run, but wood is the better choice in the long run. Moreover, in terms of the resale value of your home, you will get a high investment return from wood.

3. Durability and Resilience Degree of Laminate May Vary

As you know that you can’t refinish the laminate now, you may wonder about its durability or how long it will last. However, don’t worry; the laminate flooring’s wear layer has high durability above the image layer. Moreover, the wear layer is designed in such a way that it can withstand foot traffic, scratches, sun-fading, stains, and dents. Moreover, the individual plank is easily replaceable if any piece becomes damaged. Furthermore, repairing the flooring’s dent or scratch can be impossible at its worst and can be tricky at its best.

4. Laminate is Easy to Maintain

The laminate may stain or warp because of excess water. So it would help if you cleaned the floor carefully aside from vacuuming and sweeping. However, you can maintain it with plain water. Moreover, using a flat mop, clean the surface. Furthermore, you can use a commercial laminate cleaner for more challenging cleaning jobs. Moreover, the professionals can help you to confront the tough stains.

5. DIY-Friendly Installation

DIYers love laminate because its installation process is DIY friendly, and you can easily install it at the subfloors. However, laminate planks don’t involve glue because it does not adhere to the floor. Furthermore, the professionals can complete the laminate flooring installation in a week. DIY-friendly installation feature makes it more popular among homeowners.

6. Carefully Read the Warranty

If a professional install your laminate flooring, you will get the laminate manufacturer’s warranty. However, the professional installation covers the contract, and you should read the warranty section carefully. Moreover, you should review your product’s terms and warranty before purchasing the DIY laminating flooring.

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