Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing in Oxnard

Concrete polishing in Oxnard is now relatively easy and cheap compared to the past days. Long before, concrete polishing was expensive, and it had required expensive concrete removal and replacement. But don’t worry, those are the past days. In recent times our company offers a much appealing finish for concrete polishing at a very cheap rate. Moreover, once you take the service from us, you will see your concrete is providing you the best performance.

☑ Epoxy Flooring
☑ Overlays of Concrete
☑ Stamped Concrete



Types of Concrete Polishing

Whatever your concrete type is, our contractors use high-grade materials for concrete polishing. However, from low performance to high-performance flooring, we do concrete polishing for every kind of floor.

Concrete Overlays

Epic Epoxy Flooring Oxnard provides the best concrete overlays service in California. However, clients love our concrete overlays for the following reasons:

☑ Concrete overlays fill out the cracks and gouges and thus provides a seamless concrete surface.
☑ In the concrete overlay, we replicate burnishing and marbling using artistic techniques.
☑ We do concrete overlays at the most affordable rate.

Garage Floor Epoxy

Business owners and homeowners like our garage floor epoxy service for various reasons. However, the reasons are:

☑ Garage floor epoxy is one of the durable flooring options for commercial and residential facilities.
☑ The garage floor will bright by 300 percent, and you don’t need to use any extra lighting source
☑ Stain and chemical resistance

Stamped Concrete

For your homes or commercial facilities floor, you should do stamped concrete polishing, and the reasons are:

☑ Stamped concrete polishing is an exotic flooring system
☑ Affluent system of flooring
☑ Increase the concrete’s damage resistant ability
Concrete polishing in Oxnard

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is one of the best exotic flooring systems. However, you should know the following benefits of epoxy flooring:

☑ Using the metallic epoxy, you can duplicate the cloudy day’s appearance and even fire
☑ Our company offer urethane sealer and acrylic sealer
Concrete polishing in Oxnard

Concrete Sealers

We can complete the concrete polishing jobs simply by using a sealer coat. However, concrete sealers offer various benefits, and they are:

☑ Concrete sealer makes the floor resistant to slip and skid
☑ It makes the foundation strong enough to handle the harsh chemicals

Epic Epoxy Flooring Oxnard

How Much Time Needed to Do Concrete Polishing?

A common opinion is that the concrete polishing process requires enormous time, but it’s not true. Epic Epoxy Flooring Oxnard completes the concrete polishing job in the least possible time. However, depending on the project size, the job completion time may vary. Moreover, the task completion time depends on the repair intensity of the concrete slab.

☑ The process of concrete polishing may take 3-4 days
☑ How much time will it require depends on the project size?
☑ Our experts prepare the surface on the first day of the job
☑ Epoxies absorb concrete polishing in 24 hours
☑ Once we do concrete polishing, within 72 hours, it will be ready for full use.
Concrete polishing in Oxnard

Oxnard, California

Epic Epoxy Flooring Oxnard has a reputation for completing jobs at the right time. Thus, if you need any help, you don’t need to look further. Just contact us if you want the best concrete polishing service in California. You can believe us as we use long-lasting and high-quality polishing materials to finish the work. Call us

Maintain Concrete Polishing

Fast And Simplistic

Concrete polishing in Oxnard

You may think that if you take the concrete polishing service from an epoxy flooring company, your job is done. But you’re mistaken. If you want your concrete polishing to last for a long time, you should maintain it properly. However, don’t worry about the maintenance process. It’s easy to maintain the concrete polishing, and it takes less time. However, following the tips below, you can take care of your polished concrete.

☑ Without doing heavy and expensive waxes and polishes, you can easily maintain your concrete polishing.
☑ Using daily usages tools, you can take care of your concrete polishing
☑ Using a dust mop, remove the foreign objects

Trust Us!

Decades Of Experience

Concrete polishing in Oxnard

Epic Epoxy Flooring Oxnard offers the best professional, fastest, and affordable service compared to any other epoxy flooring service in the market. Our company will complete your epoxy flooring in the least possible time. However, don’t think that we do work in the least time for that we provide worst service. Instead, we provide the best finishing work in the least possible time. Moreover, all our contractors are well trained, well-educated, skilled, and well-experienced.

☑ Our company will offer a no-obligation quote for you
☑ For every work, our company offer 1.5 years warranty
☑ We provide various services of concrete polishing.

Have questions about epoxy flooring? Here’s where you can get your answers to the most common questions we hear from clients.

Is the Cost of Concrete Polishing Too Much?

At per square foot, the average concrete polishing cost is $3 to $8, and it’s not too expensive. Compared to the other flooring materials, concrete polishing is less costly. So you can choose concrete polishing for your concrete floor to make it more attractive.

How Long Does Concrete Polishing Last?

If you properly install and maintain your concrete polishing, it could last over 20 years. The life cycle of concrete polishing depends on the proper installation and maintenance process. However, common damages can’t affect these floors, but they may ruin other concrete flooring systems.

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