8 Tips for Installing Bamboo Flooring

If you do proper research, then it would be easy for you to install the bamboo flooring. However, first, correctly prepare your subfloor and read the following tips. Here are eight tips following which you will be able to install bamboo flooring easily.

1. Carefully Choose Your Floor

Bamboo flooring

For your property, you should choose the correct type of bamboo floor. However, you will have the option of different styles and colors in installing bamboo flooring. Again, not every kind of bamboo fits on every floor. Particular subfloors need a specific type of bamboo. Therefore, carefully choosing the floor is extremely important.

2. Acclimatize the Bamboo Floor

After delivering the new bamboo flooring at the property, acclimatizing the bamboo floor is essential. However, acclimatize the bamboo floor means leaving the floor to adapt to the surroundings. Bamboo contracts and expands naturally with humidity and heat as it is a natural product. If you acclimatize your bamboo floor, the damaging risk of bamboo will reduce.

3. Prepare Your Subfloor

The property’s existing floor is known as the sub-floor. However, in installing the bamboo flooring, one of the crucial parts is sub-floor preparation. If you fail to test and check the sub-floor correctly, then the irreparable damage risk of bamboo will increase after installing it. Now you may think about how to prepare the subfloor? The answer is you should check whether it is level, flat, dry, and clean.

4. Read the Instructions

You should carefully read the instructions for installing bamboo flooring as it’s imperative. However, you will get step to step guide for preparing your room by reading the instructions. The bamboo flooring boxes consist of the instructions. Furthermore, the instructions are detailed and depth enough. However, if you have any further questions, contact us.

5. Have the Correct Equipment

You require specific correct equipment in installing the bamboo floor. It would help if you established your bamboo floor in the right style using a proper kit. Your foundation may damage in installing the bamboo flooring if you don’t use the correct equipment.

6. Lay the Floor in Correct Direction

Of course, you can lay bamboo flooring in any direction, but you should think about how the finishing will be looking in your room. However, applying the flooring in lengthways is the most popular directing according to the room’s light path. You should lay the flooring in lengthways because the lights can accentuate and highlight the flooring planks. Moreover, if you apply the wrong floor direction, it will show its charisma and natural beauty.

7. Leave and Expansion Gap

Leaving an expansion gap at the room’s perimeter is extremely important when installing the floor. However, 10mm at least should be the expansion gap. Furthermore, when installing bamboo flooring, the expansion gap should leave at the left of the room. Moreover, you can take the assistance of the special flooring spacers to leave the correct interval.

8. Install Your Bamboo

The bamboo type is an essential factor in installing the flooring. Moreover, the property’s subfloor and your way of fitting the bamboo are crucial in establishing the bamboo flooring. However, in installing the bamboo, carefully following the instructions and information is the most important thing. Furthermore, you can contact our experienced and technically trained team in case you need any help.

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